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We strengthen your brand on Social Media Properties with design, promotion, and content management – even build your Website and integrate Digital Marketing – to drive awareness, fan growth, engagement, sales and ongoing loyalty to your brand. We’re here to help!

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A Responsive Cost-Savings Social Marketing Solution


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Social is Easy & Simple

Start with 4 Key Marketing Principles - Design professional presence. Invite target market. Engage fans with content. Convert social into lasting customer relationships.

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Pre-Written Industry Content

Automate Content to your Social Sites from our libraries. Or customize & schedule your own within our social management dashboard. Strategies, Examples, Best Practices provided.

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Our Approach – not just another Social Media Agency!

In addition to understanding how Social Media Brand Marketing works, we understand how business works – especially mainstream small business. At Summa Social, we speak the language and understand your challenges – covering a weekly payroll, meeting budgets, acquiring new customers, maintaining a solid customer base, and operating in a changing and challenging economy. Our greatest value to you and your organization is presenting our understanding of Social Media Marketing and Business Trends in a context that is brutally simple, practical, and easily implemented.

Our core strengths include design, data, marketing and technology. Through experiential and relationship marketing, we transform the way brands – small, large, enterprise – communicate their brand stories into customer’s lives. Our job is to design user-centered experiences within Social Platforms by applying brutal simplicity to complex technology and social media marketing. Small business brands and enterprise clients often plug into Summa Social’s digital DIY Social Media Agency – a core Facebook Marketing dashboard APP for Businesses to simplify design, invite, engage & convert cycle of Social Media Marketing.

For larger brands, we provide higher levels of customized service with social brand strategy, creative, planning, execution, benchmarking and analytics. As well, we speak, consult, and are consistent content contributors to leading business publications detailing social media branding solution models and relationship marketing. From our custom approach to our DIY app, we thrive on helping businesses efficiently and affordably grow, engage, and monetize their target markets on Social Properties.

Plans & Pricing

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What We Do to Amplify Your Brand

We start with our ALL-IN-ONE Marketing System built for Social, Mobile & Web to drive the creative process


It’s the simple design, enticing invitation, and consistent engagement that help you monetize your target audience. Click to LEARN MORE!

Scalability and Sustainability are big around Summa Social

From consumer insights to social media brand strategies to creative planning and execution to benchmarking and analytics, Summa Social’s Social Media Director Donna Newman translates one to the other to guide clients, listeners, and readers with thoughtful vision and direction. Donna speaks and writes sharing best practices on how to build and manage a Successful Social Brand. Get inspired, READ & WATCH MORE in Articles, News & Views